Asa Wilcoxson


I have seen Asa Wilcoxson's birth recorded as late as 1761, but have no primary source for any of the birth dates I have found in secondary sources. I am using 1755 because this is the one that is closest to his wife Susannah Taylor's birth in 1753. Alternative spellings for his last name include "Wilcox" and "Willcox."


Ephraim Wilcoxson
Sarah Pinney


Sarah Taylor


Edmund Wilcox
Amanda Wilcox
Susan Wilcox
Pruna Wilcox
Asa Wilcox
Marcus Wilcox
Orra Wilcox
William Wilcox
Sophronia Wilcox

Information about Individual

Asa Wilcoxson was born in Simsbury, Connecticut during 1755.

He married Susannah Taylor.

Census Records


Ten dollar bill.

Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury for the United States was born in 1755; the same year as Asa Wilcoxson.