Walter Alexander Luks
(1961- )

Walter Alexander Luks is the ninth great grandson of William Wilcoxson (1601-1652) and Margaret Birdseye Wilcoxson (1611-1675) who, in 1635, were the first members of the Wilcox branch of the family to emigrate from England to what is now the United States. He is also the second great grandson of Ludwik Lieberatzka (b. 1840) and the granddaughter of Alexander Joseph Liberacki (1908-1959) and Rachel Olive Wilcox (1909-1990).


Richard Van Der Voort
Rita Liberacki

Adopted by:

John Luks


Carol Steidel


Lennon Luks
Dylan Luks

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  • "Learning that He Couldn't Hear"
      Walt Luks tells how the family figured out that he couldn't hear. Lorain Berg adds comments about how Walt learned not to bite. (Time: 02:11)

  • "Marshmallows"
      Roasting marshmallows is the subject of this exchange between Beth Vonck and Jay Liberacki. (00:42)

  • "Being the Big Cousin"
      Cheryl Dennison tells about being the big cousin at the family reunion in Potter Park and how she liked to spend time with cousins Walt, Susan, and Beth. (Time: 01:07)