Susan Carole Luks
(1959- )

Susan Carole Luks is the ninth great granddaughter of William Wilcoxson (1601-1652) and Margaret Birdseye Wilcoxson (1611-1675) who, in 1635, were the first members of the Wilcox branch of the family to emigrate from England to what is now the United States. She is also the second great granddaughter of Ludwik Lieberatzka (b. 1840) and the granddaughter of Alexander Joseph Liberacki (1908-1959) and Rachel Olive Wilcox (1909-1990).


Richard VanDerVoort
Rita Liberacki

Adopted by:

John Luks


Mark Alexander

David Turner

James Jetton

Edward Clayton




Joshua Jetton
Tegan Jetton
Nicholas Jetton


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  • "How George Spinning Met Lillian Glasner"
      Susan Luks recounts the story of how George W. Spinning met his future wife, Lillian Glasner. (Time: 01:03)

  • "Smitty"
      A surprising story, told my Susan Luks, of a feud between Helen Glasner and Rachel Liberacki over Smitty. (Time: 00:59)

  • "Grandpa's Missing Picture"
      Susan Luks and Steven L. Berg tell about finding a special photograph of Alex Liberacki. They then speculate on why the picture went missing. (Time: 00:50)

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