John Alex Liberacki

John Alex Liberacki is the grandson of Ludwik Lieberatzka (b. 1840) and Marianne Koszorek.


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John Joseph "Jay" Liberacki
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John Alex Liberacki was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 27 January 1920. The family home was located at 752 Butterworth St, SW. In 1932, John was confirmed at Sacred Heart Parish.

Between 1934 and 1939 he lived in Caro, Michigan where he attended Caro High School. He was a half back on the football team and ran dashes for the track team. He graduated from high school in 1939. At the time he was living with his brother Alex and his sister-in-law Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.

In 1936, John was part of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The 1940 census lists John's address as the family home on Butterworth in Grand Rapids. It also indicates that this is where he was living in 1935. In 1940, he was working as a metal finisher at the Metalcraft Company. He is also known to have held semi-skilled occupations in manufacturing and furniture. Some time after 1941, John moved to Unionville, Michigan where he worked for the Asa N. Wilcox Egg Company. Asa was the father of a Rachel Wilcox who had married John's brother a Alex. Later he also worked at the Snack Bar which was owned by his brother Alex.

On 18 July 1942, John married Mary Ettle in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

John enlisted in the army on either 17 November 19421 or 1 December 19422. John served as a medic with the 13th Armored Division 3rd Army, in Europe. He ended up as a Technical Sergeant 4th Grade T/4. In June of 1942, the military was given a raise with the T/4 grade which raised John's salary to $78 per month. A custom's declaration John filled out on 11 July 1945 indicates that he returned to the United States with an an automatic pistol, hunting knife, and tear gas gun. John was released from the Army on 29 October 1945.

John and his family settled in Unionville living at 3295 Bay Street. This was next door to his brother Alex and across from St. Joseph Catholic Church.

On 26 May 1964, John was appointed as Unionville's postmaster. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, St. Joseph Church had a Mexican priest. When the priest came to the post office, he would tell John Polish jokes. John would tell the priest Mexican jokes.

John died of a heart attack on 3 November 1978. He was buried in St. Joseph Cemetery.

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