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Weronika Gosciewski1 was born in Suchodoly, Poland2 on 13 January 1886. She emigrated to the United states in 1896 and married Mikolaj Liberacki in Erie, Pennsylvania on 5 September 1904.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate 1900 and 1910 census records for Wernoica. We do know that by 1920, she was living at 752 Butterworth St, SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1930, the home she owned with her husband was worth $5,000.

Both the 1920 and 1930 census list Wernoica's occupation as "none." However, Weronika's grandson Jay Liberacki reports that he "toured the neighborhood with aunt Jo [Liberacki Czyzyk] and she showed me the furniture company building where her mother used to work. Also I have an end table from my mother's house. The story was always that Weronika made it, or at least it came from the factory she worked in."

Wernoica was active in her church where she was a member of the Ladies Rosary Society, Chaplet No. 15 and the Lady of Mt. Carmel, Third order.

On 10 February 1965, Wernoika died in St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan of thrombosis in left middle cerebral artery. A parish rosary was said for her at 8:00pm on Febraury 12. The following day, a high mass was sung for Weronika before she was buried in Grand Rapid's Holy Cross Cemetery.

1Weronika's grandson Jay Liberacki has done extensive genealogical work on his mother and father's pedigrees. He has written to me that "Gosczewski" is how name is spelled on John Czyzyk's marriage certificate. "Zdoszczeski" is how name is spelled on Mary Liberacki's marriage certificate.

2At the time of Weronika's birth, Poland was part of Russian. Therefore, it is technically more correct to say that she was Russian of Polish ethnicity.

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