George Lawrence Berg

George Lawrence Berg is the grandson of George Berg and Barbara Maslardits Berg.


George Berg
Margaretha Henningsmith


Josephine G. Hermann


Margaret Lucille Berg
Lawrence Ferdinand Berg
Joseph George Berg

On 7 May 1889, George Lawrence Berg was born in Saginaw, Michigan. This was one year after his parents emigrated from Germany.

By 1900, George was living in Williams Township in Michigan where he was attending school. In 1910, his occupation was "farm laborer" on the family farm. By 1917, George was working for the Robert Gage Coal Company.

On 5 June 1917, George registered for the draft. He would serve in the army as a private from 1918-1919 in France and Germany.

In 1923, George married Josephine "Sophie" Hermann.

When he returned from the service, George returned to work for the Robert Gage Coal Company. The 1920 census lists is occupation as "Miner, Mule Driver." Between 1920 and 1927, George was living at 3714 Eleven Mile Road in Auburn, Michigan

In 1922, George applied for a passport in order to visit relatives in Germany for less than six months.

During April 1927, George was caught under falling slate at the Robert C. Gage Coal Mine #8. On 6 May 1927, he died from his injuries.

George's funeral took place on May 10. The Reverend Fr. Walsh officiated. George was buried in Calvary cemetery.

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