Letter from Rachel Wilcox
To George Spinning and Lillian Glasner
March 27, 1975

Dear George & Lillian

Thank you for everything, the trips, the meals & lodging, the hospitality & the card games and just the chance to come to Florida.1

Rita [Liberacki] met us. Stayed there all night. I stayed until Sun[day] when they brot me home.

Judy [Liberacki] feeling some better.2 Walks around with a brace. Dr says she could go to work if she didn't have to get in & out of a car, sat at a desk all day, and there was no emotional stress connected with her job. Guess she won't work for a long time. Chris [Berg] has measles the week before I got home. Ran temperature of 104-106 all week before they broke out. Feeling better now.

Bruce's [Liberacki] family fine. Sherry [Nichols] big and uncomfortable.3 They had a shower for her while I was gone.

Leave Friday for Crawford, Tenn. Haven't looked up where it is yet.

Both a new salt and pepper wig. Got tired being a blond. Didn't do me any good. Will try to act my age now. Wanto bet?

Thank you again & again



1George and Lillian Spinning had a vacation home in Florida.

2Julia Liberacki had broken her back in a tobogganing accident.

3Sherry Nichols was pregnant with Chad Liberacki who was born on May 14, 1975.

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